Project Team

The consultancy requires the highest expertise to be provided to address several key issues in a very limited time.

The core staff allocated to the project will be drawn from the permanent staff of the consultant. They have been selected based on their experience and qualifications. The list of key personnel describes the positions and the experience of the personnel.

Job Description and Summary of Key Personnel

Below is a brief description of the responsibilities of the key personnel and a summary of their relevant experience and competence.

Assistant Team Leader

Registered Civil Engineer: Eng. Sinosi MALIANO

The Team Leader, Eng. Sinosi MALIANO has more than 10 years of experience covering all aspects of planning, design, tendering, construction, project management, operation and maintenance of water supply, waterborne and dry sanitation infrastructure. His experience in water and sanitation is an asset for the required services.

The Team Leader will have overall responsibility towards the client for the satisfactory performance of the services, as set out in the consultancy agreement.

The principal responsibilities of the Assistant Team Leader include:

  • Coordinate inputs from the Consultant’s staff;
  • Define priorities for implementation of the Project;
  • Assist the Team Leader to program and co-ordinate all the activities required for the successful completion of the project;
  • Take significant part in the analysis and selection of alternatives;
  • Compile interim reports for submission to the Client according to the reporting schedule on the CPM chart;
  • Assess the structural soundness of intake structures, gravity mains, treatment plants, reservoirs, reticulations system and water points;
  • Leading the Civil Engineers in analysing engineering designs of the associated infrastructure of the schemes based on the assessment.

Civil Engineer

Registered Civil Engineer: Eng. Samuel BITON

Eng. Samuel BITON is well experienced having spent more than 10 years in the water sector in Malawi. He is a registered Civil Engineer and has a broad knowledge of planning, designing or implementing programs related to water resources issues such as supply, quality and regulatory compliance issues. Particularly, he has worked on numerous gravity fed water supply schemes under the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development.

His major responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Conduct investigations on matter such as required water storage, permits or other regulatory issues;
  • Perform hydrologic and hydraulic modelling;
  • Conduct chemical, physical and bacteriological water quality analysis;
  • Define water treatment options/processes based on water quality analysis to ensure compliance with water quality standards;
  • Develop plans to protect or rehabilitate catchment areas;
  • Develop strategies for catchment operations to ensure regulatory compliance with clean water laws or regulations;
  • Identify and characterise specific sources of water pollution;
  • Develop standardized water monitoring and assessment methods for Water User Association and consumers;
  • Negotiate for water rights with communities to meet water supply demand;
  • Conduct water demand analysis based on the design period and assess if the current systems will be able to supply the required demand.