SD Consulting Engineers is a consulting firm with proven expertise in Civil, Structural, Water, Sanitation, Environmental and Transportation Engineering. Our portfolio of services also encompasses Surveying, Urban and Social Development, Asset Management as well as a range of infrastructure support services such as project management, contract administration and capacity building.

The firm was originally formed in 2009, but started operating actively from 2010. With offices located in Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Blantyre, we understand local conditions and the operating environments of the regions where we work.

We pride ourselves on our ‘smart’ approach to delivering projects. In everything we do, we work to satisfy our clients’ needs and values in a diverse and imp active manner.

SD Consulting team is committed to delivering tangible outcomes which add value throughout Africa and beyond. SD believes in nurturing a corporate culture built on strong business acumen and a spirit that dwells on sound operational management, technical excellence, performance recognition and team-work

SD is a member of several local and international reputable professional organizations such as National Construction Industry Council (NCIC) of Malawi and Malawi Institution of Engineers (MIE) and Board of Engineers. All our Engineers are active members of Board of Engineers.